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I'm Lester Hernandez

I Help Busy People, Who Have Hard Time Getting Out of The House, Get in The Best Shape of Their Lives. 

Over the past 11 years, Lester has worked with over 1000 clients from busy adults, junior athletes, to amateur boxers and professional MMA fighters. Before he was the coach, he was the client. He was overweight as a child into his early adulthood. He lost over 70lbs in 9 months, get his exercise science degree. Now he's founded the company Underdog Training Method to help busy people get in amazing shape to help change the world around them.

Lester is also a married man, a father of 3 young children (6,4, and 1 year old). This isn't a job for him, his passion is to help others live to their potential. 

Get To Know Lester Hernandez




Jenn Lav before after.jpg

Jennifer Lavallee

"I had no idea what to do"
I've been working out for years, but only received a bit of success when it came to losing weight. After having 2 kids, it became tougher than ever to lose weight. I had no time, I had no energy, I had NO ANSWER! The methodology was so simple, it helped this busy mom lose 40lbs! I'm in better shape in my 40s than in my 30s. 

dana before after 1.jpg

Dana Arabe

"I'm actually at pre-baby weight. BOTH KIDS" I was always the athlete growing up. I even played high level college basketball. Once I got married and had kids, the weight kept climbing up. I tried fitness classes for 4 years, but would only lose 5-10lbs here or there, but I needed more. This solution was so simple, it helped me lose 60lbs under 8 months. 

Darryl A-Front before after  (1).jpg

Darryl Alcantara

"I can feel a difference in my athletic performance" 
After having my first kid + the pandemic, my health got away from me. I needed a change. I've always played sports and ever was into working out or even been on a diet. The program was so simple, it helped me lose 20lbs in 6 weeks. 


The Start Of It All

This started because Lester was very overweight and had no idea how to lose weight. This was before YouTube or blogs were really a thing. Information was scare at the time. Now there's an overflow of information, that it's hard to filter out what is best. 
Once he had lost the weight that plagued him, it felt like life just started. 

Ready To Get The Change and Keep it!

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How to Get an unfair advantage

Her'e the real SECRET, I wish i knew when I started. I would've saved myself 4 years. 

The unfair advantage is learning from someone who is ahead of you.
Before Lester got any results, way before he became a coach, he struggled for years trying to lose weight. For 4 years he tried to piece the fitness puzzle together, not losing a single pound. When he sought help from a coach, is when the results came. He went from 225lbs to 150lbs

The Full Story

Lester grew up overweight. From elementary school to early adulthood, he struggled with his weight. This then affected her personal life, confidence, and work ethic.
After four years of trying to lose weight in a gym on his own, not losing a single pound, he invested in a coach and a program. This ended up being the best investment he ever made. He accelerated his results to lose 70+lbs in 9 months.
The benefits from the weight loss were far beyond just the physical. His confidence grew and carried over into all other aspects of his life, so much that he had the confidence to back to school.
He got his Exercise Science degree, and along the way was able to work as a trainer in big commercial gyms. Then he eventually started his own training business.
The best part is he's now able to share his successes and failures from over 19 years of effort.

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Does this Sound Familiar?

I can't GET IN SHAPE because...

  • ​Reason 1: I don't have time!
  • ​Reason 2: I have kids!
  • ​Reason 3: I wouldn't even know where to start!

I've been through it, and so have my clients.  From being burnt out, exhausted, giving all of your time and energy to your job and family that there's none left over for yourselfTo be so far from where your goal is, you wouldn't even know where to start. Click below to see the method that works.