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How He Lost 8lbs in 1 Week

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

How He Lost 8lbs in 1 Week

A Very Doable Approach to Losing Weight

So here's a story of how a client recently lost 8lbs in 1 week, and kept it off. 
Here's a bit of context first so it all kind of makes sense.

He's a Male, late 30's, multiple children under 8 years old, married, and has a desk job. He's overweight, but not massively. He's at least 30-40lbs overweight. Not like he's a 350lbs man. He's under 200lbs

He was actually inspired by "75 Hard", which technically isn't a workout or nutrition program, it is a "Challenge" in which you're super strict on yourself for 75 days straight. No Cheating.
For example:
- you have to workout 2x per day for 45 mins. One of those workouts has to be outside.
- Follow a diet (some form of diet).
- Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book per day
- Drink 4L of water perday
Plus more.

Here's what he actually did

1. Strength Training 3x per week

He already had a workout program from me, so he followed it...sounds simple enough. His problem was missing workouts when he got busy with work and his family. 
He just said that he "tried harder" when he worked out. For him that meant, he was more intentional. He didn't just workout to get it over with. 

If you don't know where to start with your workouts, or don't know what to do. START HERE

2. Daily Walks. Sometimes 2 Walks Per Day 

Part of the 75 hard program is working out 2x per day for 45 mins. 1 workout being outside. 
So one walk was for 45 minutes outside. Sometimes the 45 Minute walk was inside.

On a non weight lifting day (tues/thurs/sat/sun), he walked 2x per day. Once inside, and once outside. 

On indoor walks, he walked uphill on a treadmill
Speed: approx 2.7-3.0 mph
Incline: starting around 3.0, ending off around 10%

3. Drink 4L of Water Per Day

Luckily he works from home, and he could pee whenever he needed too.

He drank 4L of water per day. He usually drank from a huge water bottle to make things easier for measuring.

Sometimes he added a bit of salt, and water flavouring to a glass of water.

He also drank black coffee.


He followed a nutrition program...almost all of the time. Like 98% of the time. The only time he "strayed" was when he had other sauces not recommended. 

If you have a diet plan you follow... great. There are plenty of great ones online. If you are looking for one that have gotten my clients amazing results. CLICK HERE

For him, it was a matter of making the right choice. It was binary, one or the other. NO IN BETWEEN. The grey area is where people make mistakes.

Below shows Him Losing 8lbs in 1 Week


1. Get on a Workout Program - something you could follow most of the time, that you enjoy. Make sure you're lifting weights 3+ times per week. 

2. Walk Daily...sometimes twice a day - Walking is great for fat-loss for several reasons
- it's so low impact (easy on the joints) you could do it daily or even multiple times per day. 
- it's Free, you can do it just about anywhere. 
- For me, personally, it helps keep food out of my hands. I can't just idly snack while I eat
- It keeps the hunger away. Walking is enough energy output for a bit of a sweat that puts your sympathetic nervous system at work (a.k.a the Fight or Flight system). This means its enough of a workout to make you not hungry. 

3. Drink a Ton of Water - Drinking 3L + of water per day can help with:
- Feeling fuller
- More energy
- less brain fog = less reason to snack or grab an afternoon coffee. 
- You'll probably go to the bathroom a bit more too. #1 and #2. 

4. Follow a Nutrition Plan - If you're here I'm assuming you want to tone up a bit, and drop some body fat. All of that accelerates once you're on the right nutrition program for you. 
You don't have to count calories with an app, use a food scale, or eat foods that fit into colourful containers. AND you still need to be in a calorie deficit (burn more calories than you eat) to drop body fat. 
There are plenty of ways to do it, so choose one you could follow most of the time. 

Shameless Plug in  3...2...1... I believe the Underdog Nutrition Cheat Code is the best program I've seen in the last 15 years because of simplicity, effectiveness, and the adherence. 

That's it! Try these out, and let me know how it goes!

- Lester Hernandez (B.Kin)

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Hi, I Am Lester Hernandez

Owner of The Underdog Fitness Method

I'll be sharing my best and worst of the last 20 years of being in the Fitness World

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