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We help people become strong versions of themselves to help the world Around Them

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The Underdog Fitness Blog

How He Lost 8lbs in 1 Week

The Time-Saving, Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building Miracle Exercise Tool

30 Mins or Less: The Ultimate Workout Guide for Busy Adults

The Importance of Sleep for Men and Women Over 30: A Guide to Better Rest and Fitness

Ok and Done BEATS Perfect and Never


Hi, I Am Lester Hernandez

Owner Of Underdog Training Method

I'll be sharing what has worked for myself and the many other clients I've worked with over the last 11 years. I hope this information is helpful...or at least entertaining. 

For A limited Time

Free Partner Workouts EBook

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The Perfect Match for your fitness program. 
- Train With A Friend or 2.
- Push yourselves harder.
- Have FUN while you train.

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