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See How They Got The Results

Get the 6 week fitness challenge program that got these people real results

This is the best of Lester's 19 years in the gym, 11 years being a trainer, and working with over 1000 people. There's an art to the science, and this program has it. 

I'm only putting this out for a short while


I'm testing this program out for the public before it gets bundled up in a bigger program


Proven Results

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Jenn Lav before after.jpg

Jennifer L.

"I had no idea what to do"

"The methodology was so simple, it helped this busy mom lose 40lbs! I'm in better shape in my 40s than in my 30s."

dana before after 1.jpg

Dana A.

"I'm actually at pre-baby weight from both kids!"

" This solution was so simple, it helped me lose 60lbs under 8 months."

1652273085166 (1).jpg

Darryl A. 

"I can feel a difference in my athletic performance"

"This helped me lose 20lbs in 6 weeks. That weight was there for 3 years!"

gillian transformation (2).jpg

Gillian R.

"The best solution for me"

"Going into a gym to workout, was no longer working. This program worked!"

Copy of Roath Before-After-Front.jpg

Roath P.

Gym Lockdowns got me stuck, this got me going!

"Over 20lbs down and dropped 6.5% body fat in 6 weeks. Definitely an eye opener.

myla before after 2.jpg

Myla H.

I'm not at pre-baby weight, i'm at pre-wedding weight!

"This helped me lose 20lbs in 6 weeks. That weight was there for 3 years!"

If all this did was help you lose weight, put on muscle, and help you feel better overall, Would it be worth It?

The people have spoken! This program is the real deal. It's not just theory, and random stuff put together.

This is my best and worst, my successes and failures over the last 19 years. I sincerely hope it helps you get to where you want to go with your fitness journey!

About Lester

He's Been in the Fitness industry since 2007. Before he was a coach, he was the client. Lester grew up overweight, spanning years in elementary school up until early adulthood. 
After working with a coach, and getting on a program, he lost over 70lbs. 
From there, his passion for helping others took off. 
- Fitness Coach Since 2011
- Bachelor's of Kinesiology from University of Winnipeg (major in Exercise Science) 
- Over 1000 clients trained.


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