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Client Success Stories

Here's Are Some of the People We've Worked With 

Lester Before and After (2) (1) jpg

Lester Hernandez (Owner)

Before He Was The Coach, He Was The Client
- Lost 70+ lbs in 9 months, after not losing 1lb in 4 years

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Carrie E.

Married. Mother of 2 who has gone through life changing illness & surgeries and lost over 30lbs

dana before after 1 jpg

Dana A. 

Married. Mom of 2
- My career took over my life. It took over my sleeping and eating habits. I never had time.
- Lost over 60lbs

1652273085166 (1) jpg

Darryl A. 

Father of 2 
- Former athlete who fell into the dad life cycle.
- Lost 20lbs in 6 Weeks

Find Out HOW They Did It

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-14 at 12 47 09 PM jpeg

Jennifer L. 

Married Mother of 2 
- Lost over 40lbs in her 40s!
- Busy working Mom working 2 jobs

robbie before after 1 jpg

Robbie B. 

- Married, Father of 1
- From Divorce & Depression
- Lost over 30lbs and started a new life. 

myla before after 2 jpg

Myla H. 

Married. Mother of 3 young kids
- Had a poor relationship with food and exercise
- Lost over 20lbs AND doesn't force herself to do cardio or avoid Carbs

sherwin transformation (2) jpg

Sherwin D. 

Married Man
- From not knowing how to work out to losing over 40lbs and putting on muscle

Copy of Roath Before-After-Front jpg

Roath P. 

Lost 20lbs in 6 Weeks
- Battled a severe head injury, loss of a loved one, and going through a mental and physical low 

Copy of Joce Front before after jpg

Jocelyn P. 

Lost 16lbs in 6 Weeks
- Didn't mind doing the work.
The work just didn't give the results she was looking for until now

gillian transformation (2) jpg

Gillian R.

Lost over 30 lbs
-Had a poor relationship with food and exercise to learning how to enjoy the process

Ace D - front side by side  png

Ace D. 

Lost 25lbs in 8 Weeks
-From On again off again diets and failed workout programs 
-To finding something that works

Find Out HOW They Did It